Monday, May 11, 2015

Who are we?

Who are we?
“I hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn more about our company. I invite you to call me personally to answer any questions you may have. You see, I feel the more you know about City Lighting, the more you’ll like us. We really do provide service as the speed of right.” –Owner, Lester Hohl.
Since 1962 City Lighting Products has been providing lighting solutions, both locally and nationally, to the construction and maintenance industries. Starting with their first branch in St. Louis, MO, City Lighting was one of the first specialty lighting distributors in the United States. Their focus on energy saving lighting products and their applications helped City Lighting carve out a niche never before seen in the electrical industry. Whether you are a standalone facility close to one of our locations, or a National Retailer with many locations, City Lighting is here to help you. We have developed a complete package of services for you that delivers lighting excellence, consistency, on-time service and economy.

If you have multiple retail locations, you have invested a lot in your business and its image. The lighting you choose should protect that investment by doing everything to enhance your image. Our Image Management Program begins with all of the advantages of City Lighting Products. Then, we develop a total marketing/merchandising/cost-control package tailored to your organization.

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