Monday, August 17, 2015

Accuracy Matters! City Lighting Products Named 1st by BizSavers

One of the most cliched phrases in the business world is "time is money". Every startup, sitcom, and business professional is guilty at one point or another of using this phrase, and it is with good reason. Whether you're making up or losing time, the loss of working hours costs your business. That is why it is so important to account for this time, and maximize your productivity. That is why with great pleasure, we can announce that City Lighting Products has been named as BizSavers "most accurate in estimating their projects' completion dates!" See the full exert below: 

"As you know, you must include an estimated completion date for the project every time you submit an application. This date is very important because it ensures your customers will receive their incentives without a hitch. It also helps the BizSavers program by allowing for more accurate forecasting. Trade Allies that provide accurately estimated completion dates are also more apt to be selected as a Trade Ally All-Star in our newsletter or at the Annual Trade Ally Awards Banquet.

Check out the top five Trade Allies that are the BizSavers program's most accurate in estimating their projects' completion dates.

1.       City Lighting Products
2.       Kaemmerlen Electric Company
3.       D&S Sign Company/Canedy Sign
4.       Butler Supply/High Ridge branch
5.       Legacy Electric

Congratulations to these Trade Allies for their good and accurate work!"

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