Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite New Lighting Fixtures By City Lighting Products

Here are a few of City Lighting Products favorite lighting fixtures for both home and commercial spaces.


Drop & Droplet Pendant Lights by Stuart Fingerhut

City Lighting Products
The Drop pendant features a double curved-surface arrangement which frames the bulb used for illumination. Drop features three sets of double-looped surfaces arranged around the center axis, while Droplet features five sets.

The Book Stork Lamp by Cristina Bulat

City Lighting Products
The Book Stork Lamp is the winning project of the Romanian design contest organized by ROD Cărturești, in the search for a fetish object created for avid readers.

Giffy 17,7” Table Lamp by Leanter

City Lighting Products
The design light project started from my own wish to get a desk lamp that I could use regularly and that would also truly stand out on my table. And because I also have always liked to create things I decided that I will create the lamp that I want.

Pendant Lamp Collection by Karman for Global Lighting

City Lighting Products
Global Lighting is introducing a new collection of lighting from manufacturing company Karman, that has been designed by a diverse group of Italian designers. Furthermore, each piece is fabricated in Fossombrone, Italy.

Oslo Wood Floor Lamp by Northern Lighting

City Lighting Products
With its sleek contemporary profile, streamlined tripod base and multi-directional shade, it’s easy to see why Oslo Wood has become Northern Lighting’s best-selling design so far. The shade is poised to project light upward, yet also diffuses it through the fabric to create a soft glow.
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