Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lighting Tips To Draw In Customers

Whether you are a small business or a large one, lighting can affect your customers. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks when it comes to lighting your business.

Altogether, there are the four main types of lighting. Ambient lighting refers to the main source of lighting in your store, such as overhead lights. A more focused form of lighting is task lighting. It's often used to illuminate areas where more light is needed, like display cases.  Accent lighting is used to highlight a specific area in order to make a certain product stand out. Lastly, decorative lighting is exactly what it implies - to add a unique beauty to your store.

But there are specific ways of using these different kinds of lighting that will really help your store stand out above the rest. 

1. When buying LED’s buy them in bulk
  • Not all LED’s are made the same, so if you purchase different batches, the tone and temperature could be affected.

2. Watch for heat!
  • Incandescent lights can become very hot and burn your customers. When using bulbs that can get warm, make sure they are out of reach of any person who could get hurt.

3. Use mirrors to reflect your amazing lighting and also help brighten up the room.

4. Do ambient lighting last
  • If you start with the other areas of lighting first, you can see where ambient lighting is needed most.

5. Make sure you nail decorative lighting:
  •  Location and type is important when it comes to decorative lighting. It needs to enhance the brand not

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