Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Retail store accent lighting made perfect by LED Lighting

Accent lighting in retail stores is used for a variety of reasons, but the overall goal is to highlight certain parts of the store and to convey a specific mood. And LED lights are particularly great for this job because not only do they provide a longer lifespan, but they also offer a different range of color options.

Need some ideas on how to implement accent lighting with LEDs? Check out how you can personalize lighting based off your store’s goals.

Appearance or Luminosity  
First thing when selecting proper accent lighting is to determine your goal for the lighting. Do you want to make it easier for people to see details or are you using it just for an aesthetic effect? This choice affects every other decision so it’s important to make this decision first.

Direction Lighting is Imperative
In most cases, accent lighting is directional lighting. To successfully execute directional lighting, track lights and spotlights are needed. The only exception is using LED backlighting and other lighting effects. In general, you need the space and proper lighting products for directional lighting.

Highlight Special Products
When considering accent lighting, start by looking at your products. Avoid highlighting random shelves or corners where there’s nothing to see. Instead, focus on extraordinary products or deals you are offering. Not every product in your store needs to be accented with its own lights, but utilizing a few accent lights here and there will make a big difference.

Lead Customers
Use accent lighting to pull customers from one area to another through signals and contrasts. Color shifts and LED backlighting are particularly important here.

Be Subtle
Although spotlights are mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you should be utilizing burning bright spotlights as your accent lighting. The LED lamps used should provide soft and quiet illumination, possibly in different shades. Many LEDs can switch colors according to set patterns without creating a glare.

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(Source: Retail Lighting and Design)


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