Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Commercial Lighting's Impact on Customers

Along with saving on energy consumption, adding to employee morale and productivity, and providing additional safety from accidents or criminal activity, adequate commercial lighting directly impacts your customers, and with that – your sales.
Adequate commercial lighting directly impacts your customers and your sales
Specialized LED lighting designs push quality and efficiency to new heights. Study after study shows how lighting directly correlates with how shoppers perceive your business. Because of this, it is crucial to match your aesthetics to your brand. LED lights serve as the perfect method to finely-tune the atmosphere you desire.

Purchasing Behavior

Your business's lighting strategy can influence all aspects of a customer's purchasing behaviorYour business’ lighting strategy can influence all aspects of a customer’s purchasing behavior. Lighting can draw attention to a product, showcase the quality and features of the product, and even guide the customer to the register.

In a recent study done by Zumtobel, an Austrian lighting
Accurate lighting choices are connected to longer visits and more purchases mademanufacturing company, results show lighting can affect a person’s mood both positively and negatively. Because of this, it becomes incredibly important to match the target customer to your lighting strategy in order to create an appropriate emotional attachment to the brand. The study also showed accurate lighting connected to longer visits and more purchases made. Subject studies also correlated good lighting with cleanliness, quality, and order.

Commercial Lighting Tips
    The use of warm colors for lighting brings customers a sense of familiarity
    Shelf lighting can help seal the deal for unplanned purchases
  1. Avoid uniformly, high-brightness lighting. Instead, create a favorable, layered contrast of three lighting styles: ambient (general lighting), task (visually-aiding lighting), and accent (showcase lighting). 
  2. It’s recommended to illuminate displays to 10x the level of the adjacent general lighting.
  3. If you want to sell it, make it look good by correct color rendering. The use of warm colors brings customers a sense of familiarity. In addition, it’s been suggested that individuals purchase more when products are displayed under daylight, which can also be created through color rendering.  
  4. Accent lighting can highlight new seasonal products or special offers through installing spotlights.
  5. Brighten the areas in which you want to physically lead customers. Furthermore, select vertical lighting vs. horizontal, as this helps customers gain better understanding of the store layout.
  6. Shelf lighting! Lower shelf levels encourage customers to linger, so built-in shelf lighting can help seal the deal.

With these tips aside, commercial lighting isn’t a one-size fits all. Knowing the unique temperament of your target audience and the lighting that best serves them can be what determines whether your customers make their way to the register, or to the exit.

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