Friday, May 27, 2016

Beauty Salon: Halogen Lights – Good or Bad?

Going to beauty salon can be an incredibly gratifying or a horrific experience. You could be doing a small or a major change and when you finally spin the clients chair to the mirror, the is the indicator of a happy, returning client or loss of revenue. The way you light your salon can be a huge indicator on which side of the spectrum your client will leave in.

Having proper lighting can make the biggest difference for your client. A 50-watt halogen bulb can show the true color, but that bulb might not be able to complete the job alone. By adding a 60-watt incandescent bulb at eye level, you can help remove shadows from the client’s skin. This combo will give the client the best view of their new ‘do.

Higher bills = Less New Options
Since halogen bulbs can be fairly expensive, a salon owner might have a difficult time finding budget for the costs and then, inevitably, have to cut budget for newer equipment and other fun salon items. Spending less money on an LED bulb could cut utility costs drastically, which might weigh in favor of the cheaper LED lighting options.

Happier Clients

As we’ve already stated, better lighting can show the true colors of the hair and thus make clients happier. If done properly, lighting should enhance the natural glows of the clients face and should really pull the new color in the hair. If not done properly, the face can look sallow and the colors could pull differently than it would in natural light. For those clients who are hesitant about changing their color or doing something drastic, the way the salon is lit could be the make or break point.

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