Friday, May 27, 2016

Does Lighting Have An Impact On Your Life?

Have you ever thought about the impact light has on your life? We think nothing of the everyday process of utilizing natural sunlight and artificial light to make our time easier. Have you ever thought about the effect the light in your life is having? Lighting can affect your sleeping habits, your mood, your level of productivity and concentration, your eyes, your decision making, and so much more.

  • Sleeping Habits – Our body naturally produces melatonin to make us feel sleepy. When your body is exposed to light, it causes the production of this hormone to slightly decrease. 
  • Your Mood – Natural lighting is known to have a very calming and peaceful effect on your mood. However, a lack of light or use of poor artificial lighting can trigger a poor state of mind.
  • Productivity and Concentration – Have you ever noticed that schools and office buildings are always brightly lit? This is because it helps stimulate your brain. These are often fluorescent lights and if done wrong, can make you feel uneasy or nervous.
  • Your Eyes – All types of light can cause a great strain on your eyes. Just as you have been told not to stare at the sun, don’t stare directly at lighting. Bright artificial lighting can cause headaches and general discomfort.
  • Decision Making -  Have you ever noticed that the interrogation scenes of any show are poorly lit except the one bright spotlight on the victim? Have you ever noticed that when you are buying an emotional product, such as an engagement ring, the store has their lights on full power? Maybe the saying “everything will look different in the harsh light of day” has something to it!

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