Friday, June 3, 2016

Hotel Lighting - Industry Trends

Think of your normal commute to work. How many hotels do you see on your way in? Now think about how much energy each hotel needs to run. That's a lot, isn't it? Hotels have four common trends to help smooth out and lower these energy costs, while lighting up each guests stay.

1. Bye Bye Incandescent
Once hotels realized that incandescent lighting is not the most efficient lighting tech out there, most quickly moved away. Now, you'll see mostly LED lighting throughout the halls and rooms during your stay.

2. Simplicity is Key
Rather than waste energy on intricate lighting fixtures, hotels figured that simplicity is key. By having less lighting in rooms, and fewer, more efficient fixtures throughout, streamlining lighting become the new "norm."

3. One Word: Wireless
A new way to facilitate the proper lighting, no matter what the hour, is the bring on wireless lighting sensors that work in tandem with daylight and occupancy. This serves to lower energy costs but also to stop over-lighting.

4. Applied Savings
Newer hotels are even working towards using a rooms keycard to switch on the lights, to cut down on lights being left on when the guests are out of their rooms. The same can be done with the air conditioning and the television. 

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