Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ten Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting

LED light bulbs have many advantages over traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, so the next time your outdated bulbs burn out, consider switching!

    1.     Longer operational life
Possibly the best reason to switch to LED lights is the fact that without a filament to burn out, the life expectancy is twice that of typical fluorescent bulbs, and twenty times longer than incandescent bulbs.

    2.     Energy efficiency
Installing LED bulbs throughout your home is a proven way to get your electricity bill down. LED lighting works at 80 percent energy efficiency, which means that 80 percent of the electrical energy taken in my LED bulbs is converted into light energy. The remaining 20 percent is released heat energy. The exact opposite is true with traditional incandescent bulbs. This means LEDs require fewer watts to operate.
    3.     Safe to use
Say goodbye to burnt fingers when replacing LED bulbs. They only release 20 percent of heat energy, making them operate at lower temps. Because of this, the risk of house fires decrease. LEDs are also extremely durable, so you won’t have to deal with broken glass either.

    4.     More colorful
LED lights can emit an array of colors without the use of traditional filters, which results in increased efficiency and lower production costs. They are also brighter and truer in color.

    5.     Versatile use
Thanks to a wide variety of colors and shapes, LEDs can replace almost any bulb. Their size and power-saving features allow them to be applied to new and innovative areas.

    6.     Promises a brighter future
Compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury. LED light bulbs don’t. That paired with the fact that they outlast all other “energy efficient” products makes LED the best choice.

    7.     Ease of installation and replacement with retro fit
Existing range of LED lighting solutions come with easy installation provisions.

    8.     Wide range of product and solutions available for every application requirement
There are LED lights available for homes, offices, specialty shops, warehouses, manufacturing plants, showrooms, malls, stadiums, outdoors, etc. with a wide variety of different kinds. For every type of light for each individual use, there is an LED-compatible bulb.

    9.     Easy to point in a direction
LED bulbs can emit light in a specific direction. They can be made to focus on something without using reflectors or other lenses.

   10.  Issues with on/off cycling
Some bulbs have issues with lifespan reducing when the bulb is frequently turned on and off. LED bulbs are found not to have any of these issues.

LED lights are better for the environment and your wallet, so it’s a no brainer to switch! Call City Lighting Products for all of your commercial lighting needs - located in six areas across the United States and Canada! 

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