Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Make The Most Of Your Fresh Produce Lighting

You may not know, but there is a right and wrong choice when choosing lighting for grocery stores. Stores aim to display produce in the most appealing way possible to help boost sales.
LED luminaires display food in the best light, which brings out the bright colors and textures in produce.

Not only does the right lighting tempt customers to buy, but it enhances the overall shopping experience by providing clear visibility throughout.

As stated in our last article, LEDS reduce energy usage which in turn slashes operating costs. LEDs can even help you reduce food waste by increasing the shelf life of fresh produce!

Lighting-induced discoloration for sliced meat presents zero health problems, but it can put customers off from buying the product. And because fresh food areas are the main reason a customer picks a specific super market, discolored meat can decrease customer loyalty.

Potatoes green naturally due to exposure of lighting through the process of chlorophyll, but the discoloration can be off-putting to shoppers. The discoloration makes the potatoes look less attractive and also indicates an increased level of toxin in fresh produce. In an experiment by Philips Lighting, lower light levels were more favorable, but only after a significant amount of dimming.

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