Thursday, September 15, 2016

MLB Stadiums Improving Lighting Through Use of LED

Of 30 Major League Baseball stadiums in the United States, five of them now officially use LED lighting to illuminate the field. With the help of solid state lighting (SSL) - a type of lighting that uses semiconductor LEDs as a source of illumination rather than electrical filaments, plasma, or gas – saves 40% of energy and significantly reduces maintenance costs, saving the stadium serious cash.

Before the 2016 season, only the Seattle Mariners had LED lights in their stadium, which they installed just before the 2015 baseball season. Then, the New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros followed suit.

These teams found a multitude of reasons and benefits of the switch to LED lighting for such an important affair.

These LED lights have the capability to instantly turn on and off, which allows these stadiums to present light shows for special events hosted at the park. During the home opener at Petco Park, the Padres organization presented a light show that was different each night of their series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Small features like this help in the overall business of the stadiums, as it appeals to more than just baseball fans. This aforementioned capability is also a complete difference from the lights used before. The HID lighting previously used to light the field took a white for the lights to warm up and fully turn on, and same with powering off.

Another benefit to having these LEDs throughout the stadium is that it allows the technology to work in synchronization with ribbon boards, as well as the score board and jumbo-tron. This allows for a more flawless in-house production for the broadcast team.

These changes in lighting not only effect the organization, but also the customers and fans attending the game. With lowered energy costs, ticket prices will also decrease, making going to a game with your family a little more affordable. It also makes the stadium a more safe place to be because with more budget for lighting coming from the savings, more lighting will be implemented.

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(Source: LEDs Magazine)

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