Monday, October 24, 2016

City Lighting Products Showcase: PANDORA Westfield World Trade Center

PANDORA Jewelry, one of the world's largest jewelry brands, has officially opened its new flagship store in the Westfield World Trade Center, the new indoor retail space located under the Oculus structure of the transportation hub. City Lighting Products installed overhead, dramatic, and balanced lighting for the perfect illumination for the jewelry store. 
Guests enter into the PANDORA store and are immediately welcomed with this beautiful display wall, illuminating some of the season's popular charms.

These lighting fixtures bring out the colors in the PANDORA brand, and also symbolize the charms themselves. 
A display wall unlike any you've ever seen. The design and lighting instantly draw people in. 
A special feature that displays a 3D hologram of charms. 

Customers can fully inspect each and every bracelet, necklace and charm thanks to well-lit cubicles for each product.

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