Monday, October 17, 2016

The Auto Industry Should Utilize LED Lighting, and Here's Why

The automotive industry shouldn't look over the rising trend of using LED lighting to take business to the next level. One should take into consideration the many positive aspects of making the upgrade from regular lights to LED lights. Want to know some of them? Here are the top 5 reasons auto dealerships should start implementing LED improved lighting.

1. They illuminate your cars in the perfect light

LEDs provide crisp lighting that makes them perfect for retail. They can be used to attract to attention to specific details in order to show of the item's full potential. Carefully placed LEDs will add a glamorous and high-quality touch to each car. Customers are more prone to making a purchase when they see a desirable or needed item in the best light, thus giving you the tools to affect the purchasing decision of potential buyers.

2. They enhance safety and security to your dealership

To ensure top-level protection, up-to-date luminaires are a perfect addition to your alarm system. They can be immediately switched on thanks to integrated motion sensors, which will cut down on the amount of times security guards will have to make rounds. Smart LEDs will enhance the quality and visibility to both cameras and guards.

3. They require zero maintenance costs

Think about how often you have to replace your regular lamps now. If it's a frequent occurrence, you will want to consider the big switch to LED lights because no other lamp can serve you for ten years without dimming. But not only do LEDs have a longer lifespan, they require less maintenance than regular lamps, which can be a benefit to the dealership as mosts utilize an abundance of lights.

4. They help you save on energy bulls

An auto dealership does business in outdoor and indoor spaces, requiring a high amount of light fixtures. Lighting your buildings during the day and auto lots at night means you have lights on 24/7. The efficiency of LED lights allow you to have brighter, cleaner light for less energy. They also allow dimming during the daytime when natural light is assisting customers, and brightening when it gets dark.

5. Substantial investment

Price is often the main reason why people tend to reject LED lighting. The initial investment may be significant, however thanks to the reasons listed above, LEDs completely outweigh any other lighting. LEDs guarantee return on investment in a short period of time. Not to mention, they can increase your sales while doing so.

In conclusion, LED lights are the perfect fit for the automotive industry, and auto dealers who have a vision for the long-term future. The investment will pay off easier and quicker than you might think!

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