Monday, March 13, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Lighting Decor

With St. Patrick’s Day this week, many are looking for a way to tap into their inner Irish and spread the cheer of the holiday. Some will dress in kilts or green beads, while others will have a pint with friends. For those with a little more passive way to celebrate, lights could be a fun way to spread green around your home and office. Below are a few ideas to say “Top o’ the mornin’” this Friday.

City Lighting Products suggests you use green string lights for an easy decor addition.

Green String Lights
A twist on the classic holiday lights, but with all green. They’re easy to hang and you may already have them in your Christmas stash. If not, add them to your collection for all different kinds of holidays after St. Pat’s, like Halloween, Earth Day, and yes, Christmas.

Green Rope Lights
City Lighting Products suggests you use green rope lights that are versatileAdd some green without spending a lot of green by using rope lights. They’re extremely versatile since you can use them to make funky shapes and designs with the right accessories. These stand out a lot more than string lights due to their thickness.

Green Light Bulbs

Simply switch out your porch lights with a green alternative bulb for a temporary and easy way to celebrate the holiday. With an LED alternative, most last up to 50,000 hours, so be sure to save the bulb for years to come!

City Lighting Products suggest green light bulbs could be an easy addition to St. Patrick's Day decor lighting

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