Monday, March 6, 2017

Gardening Has Never Been Easier With Aeroponics LED Lighting System

It’s growing season, but what if your yard is still not ready for a fruitful garden? Maybe you have some landscaping needs to be done before you plant, or maybe there’s some drainage issues that you’ve run into. Whatever the case may be, you may be able to skip the whole outdoor growing period altogether with a new system designed by Seed Volage Tech, a US start-up. They just unveiled an aeroponics plant growing system that includes LED lighting that enables the growth of plants in a limited space with very little resources.

New plant growing system includes LED lighting and enables growth of plants - City Lighting Products

The fully automated system controls watering and LED lighting - City Lighting Products
Photo credit: Biz LED Magazine

The system, named Aerostylic, is a fully automated system that controls watering and LED lighting to optimize growing conditions, within an air or mist environment without soil and with very little water. The system has a sprayer that mists a nutrient solution mix, which flows through the distribution hose mister and then dispersed to the root. The LED lamp mounted on the top of the unit allows the necessary amount of lighting for the correct duration of time.

Becoming a gardener and taking part in this year’s growing season has never been easier with the power right on your smartphone using an integrated app that controls the different parts of the system!

Becoming a gardener has never been easier with the power right on your smart phone- City Lighting Products

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(Source: Biz LED Magazine)

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