Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Why Lighting is Important for Your Store’s Branding

Why Lighting is Important for Your Store’s Branding

On this blog, the idea that your store’s lighting design shouldn’t be an afterthought is well-established. But, more than that, your lighting design is essential to establish your store’s brand, which can enhance customers’ experiences, keep them coming back or even draw them into your store in the first place.

Your store’s lighting creates an atmosphere and impacts shoppers’ experiences and can affect a shopper’s mood and perception of your products. A recent study by Lux claims that a fashion retailer in Germany saw its sales increase by roughly 12% compared to another comparable store after it installed new lighting designed to appeal to the personality profile of its target customers.

To establish the right kind of atmospheric lighting, first think about how you want customers to feel in your store. Your lighting color temperature plays a major role in this. Warmer temperatures are calming, inviting and relaxing, while cool, white light energize and increase alertness.

The lighting fixtures themselves, and not just the lighting they emit, also affect your store’s atmosphere. More eclectic and elaborate fixtures paint a different picture than modern, sleek track lighting.  

You should continue to follow good store lighting practices while considering how your lighting can establish your store’s brand, including varying your lighting styles, balancing lighting contrast and accenting focal points,

Finding the right lighting design and branding can be a trial and error process, and you may need to try a few different approaches before you get it right, but rest assured, it’s an investment in your store’s future, and one your customers will appreciate.


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