Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LED Lighting Furniture Introduced by Vibia

We thought we change it up a bit, and give you all a quick and fun post for you. After all, we all don;t need dense lighting related articles every day. Yesterday we encountered a Barcelona-based design house, Vibia, that had introduced some new furniture that looked to combine light with exterior spaces. Areas like patios, gardens, rooftops, etc. A lot of these spaces have a surprising lack of lighting solutions when compared to home interiors. By day the fixtures take form as a stool or coffee table. However when night falls, theses focal points come to life with LED lighting. 

When it come to the actual construction, the lights are connected to tubular steel rods and finished in your choice of off-white, khaki or green matte-lacquer.  See all the pictures on Retail Design Blog.

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