Thursday, September 3, 2015


Office spaces are some of our personal favorite spaces, especially when it comes to lighting them properly. No matter where you work, each individual office has different wants and needs. A conference room is going to be different from a personal office. Even the separate offices within your team may have different lighting solutions based on the space and work that needs to be accomplished there. Simply picking a cookie cutter mold for your office is not always what is best, and there are so many wonderful office designs that incorporate wonderful lighting products. That is why we wanted to show off some of our favorites at City Lighting Products. These offices have been hand selected by our team, and we will show off why we think they are so amazing. Our first selection is the wonderful office of Imapct Hub in Belgrade.

The reason we selected this space, was due to the wonderful way they incorporated light into their space. While traditional lighting would have worked, it would have covered up the curved ceiling, and made the space feel much more cramped compared to the open office concept. Their solution is great. They added bright flood lights on each of the pillars to cascade the ceiling with light, and allowed the space to be covered with a nice reflective light.

Overall, we feel like this space is a wonderful example of how a little creative thinking can give you a custom look and still maintain the functionality of the office space. We understand that every space is different, and that your lighting needs need experienced hands and innovative thinking to be perfect. If your space needs an update, feel free to give City Lighting Products a call.
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