Monday, September 21, 2015

Speaker Systems Can Now Be Found In LED Bulbs.

Recently, we discovered a new segment of lighting that had is scratching our heads at first. Lighting with built in speaker systems. While it seems like a joke, these bulbs do exist and are continuing to sell. These are connected light bulbs with embedded wireless powered speakers, and both elements can be controlled from a mobile device or a computer. Why would anyone want such a thing? Is this a solution that exists for no other reason than that it can be done?
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Well, as we did some digging, there are some practical applications. The real selling point here is that LED bulbs do not take up any shelf space, they don’t require wires, and simply draw power from the light socket. This allows the speakers to be deployed as surround-sound channels in a home theater, or they can be a part of a whole-home audio system. All with the added benefit of zero wires to be strung around the space and wireless control. Pretty cool right?
The biggest drawback is exactly what you think it is, the sound quality. It is s speaker in a light bulb, and it sound is pretty good (For a speaker in a light bulb). But there is no way that these types of speakers can replace the speakers of a surround sound system, or even a higher end wireless speaker system. However, as we see technology advance, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this become a more common occurrence. The speakers are a great idea, but need a bit more practicality to have more universal appeal.
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