Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads Who Have Everything

This Father’s Day, stay away from the traditional tie and socks gift and opt for a more creative and unique way to show your dear ol’ Dad how much he really means to you. We want you to light up your dad’s life with some amazing and innovative ideas to really have dad feeling loved.

Save dad cash – Give back a little more than face value with an original gift that will have Dad saving some serious money. Try giving dad the gift of replacing all his incandescent lights to LED light bulbs - not only do these lights maintain design and natural glow of traditional light bulbs, but they only consume 11 watts of power which can be a total of an 85% reduction in energy costs. With a 25,000 hour life span and a 10 year warranty, this gift will have Dad saving on his energy bills, as well as reducing the trips to the hardware store to get more lightbulbs. Don’t believe us? Even Men’s Journal has listed LEDs as one of The Greatest Gear of the 21stCentury. 

DIY made easy – Do you have a Dad that likes to do it all? From working on the car, to planting in the garden, to constructing an add-on, if your Dad is a busy body, opt for some LED work lights. LED work lights are lightweight and flexible, meaning easily transportable. They also produce less power with their 10-watts. Light the way for your Dad’s next fixer-upper.

Upgrade his man cave – If the game is on or Dad has some buddies over, you can nearly always find him in his mancave. But some occasions call for different types of lighting. Why not install dimmers and LED downlights in his sanctuary? Assembly is required for this gift, however, LED downlight retrofit can be as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Dimmer installation on the other hand isn’t for beginners - hiring an electrician to replace original switches with LED compatible dimmer switchers to match the new lighting would be best. Now, Dad will have the perfect lighting in any occasion, whether he’s enjoying a ball game or a nap.

Make his home smart – Helping Dad in his old age maybe the only thing that your Father wants this Father’s Day, but you can take it a step further by installing the Lutron Smart Bridge device. The Smart Bridge can control up to 50 devices, allowing dad to turn lights on and off, dim lights, set light schedules, and even control the thermostat. No more bothering with getting up for such a trivial task!

Enjoy our list or have any other ideas on what other successful Father’s Day gifts you’ve tried? Leave your ideas in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more tips, tricks, inspiration, and lighting designs!

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  1. Really a nice gift by a father to his son.