Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Shoe Store Lighting That Inspires

For some, shoe shopping is a mundane chore to do before the new school year begins, and for others, it's therapy that brings a sparkle to an otherwise unexciting day.  But the following shoe stores will have everyone feeling like they're walking the red carpet. The main objective in a shoe store design and lighting is to highlight specific new footwear, promote the current fashion trends, and direct traffic through the store through the use of accent lighting. These stores go above and beyond with selling their products, leaving everyone that visits feel like they're walking on water!

Filling Pieces show store showroom
New Balance Experience store in Beijing

Shoe Class store will have you feeling like you're taking a lesson in fashion!

Sway shoe store's underlighting is on point.

Dune Catwalk shoe store extends the walking space to the ceiling.

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(Source: Retail Design Blog)

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