Tuesday, December 29, 2015

City Lighting Products Favorite Fixtures

While some may not expect it, the world of lighting fixtures is constantly evolving, From the bulb technology, to the distinct style of pieces, the world of lighting fixtures provides a world of options for interior design. We at City Lighting Products love t follow the new and interesting, as these pieces my be the next great fixture. Here are a few of our favorites we discovered this month.
Junit modular pendant lamp by Schneid
City Lighting Products 1
Junit is a modular pendant lamp that consists of 8 different elements. The very pure and clear units are turned from high-quality ash wood and painted in a German Workshop. They come in a natural, clear finish or each in a different color. The bulb complements the colorful lamp with its oversized, milky glass that produces warm, ambient light. To complete the individual look of the lamp, the user chooses from 8 different textile cable colors.
Stupa White pendant lights by Freshwest for Innermost
City Lighting Products 2
Stupa was first launched by innermost at Milan’s Euroluce earlier this year. Now they are ready to introduce a new color, white, into the ambient range of pendant lights. Cast from resin, the individual pieces that make up Stupa are joined and hand finished individually on a lathe, then polished with beeswax.
B Bubble by B LIGHT
City Lighting Products 3
B Bubble by B LIGHT, leading producer of lighting devices, is a decorative suspended luminaire with a unique characteristic: an extraordinary combination of design and technology designed to be installed on ceilings or on a magnet track, thanks to its magnetic support.
D-TWELVE Lamp by Plato Design
City Lighting Products 4
The Rome based design startup Plato Design have just presented D-TWELVE Lamp, a modular, versatile and customizable handmade LED lamp, on Kickstarter. Facing the difficulty of personalizing what designers have drawn, the two Italian architects created a LED lighting system to suit people’s need to find something unique and precious at the same time.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bar Designs From Around The World

In case you haven;t noticed, there are a lot of bars out there. In our modern age, there are more choices for your local watering hole than have existed before.  If you are looking for a high end modern establishment that specializes in hand crafted cocktails, it exists. If you want a bar made of ice the exclusively serves vodka and allows everyone to wear parkas, it exists. With so many options at a designers disposal, it's not hard to see why standing out from the crowd can be good for business. Here are a few of City Lighting Products favorites from around the globe.

Meltino Bar & Lounge: Braga

City Lighting Products 5

Tazmania Ballroom: Hong Kong

City Lighting Products 4

CHAMBERS eat + drink: San Francisco

City Lighting Products 3

Zebar: ShanghaiCity Lighting Products 2

Divino Wine Bar: Budapest

City Lighting Products 1

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amazing Lighting Display in Cathedral

For Lumiere Durham 2015, the UK’s largest light festival, Miguel Chevalier presents the premiere of his artwork ‘Complex Meshes’. This piece took place in the Durham Cathedral, which is considered  the most accomplished example of Norman architecture in England.
City Lighting Products 1
For this piece, the use of numerous wire-frame meshes becomes an aesthetic in itself. Different colored weaving patterns composed of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons overlap, evolve and transform slowly in real time.
City Lighting Products 2
‘Complex Meshes’ creates a magical atmosphere, where it’s pixel skin becomes one with the stone and gives off a radiant energy that invites visitors to sit on the benches and raise their eyes to the ceiling.
City Liffghting Products 3
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

6 Amazing Examples of Salon Design

Just as hairstyles change, so do the places where stylists can change a mop of hair into the hottest trend on the street. There have never been so many options when it comes to the type of place you can get your hair styled. From a very traditional shop, to modern salon, here are a few of the best designed shops around the globe as selected by City Lighting Products.

Barboss Barbershop and tattoo salon: Kiev – Ukraine
City Lighting Products 1

Akin Barber Shop: Dubai – UAE

City Lighting Products

Barber School Amsterdam: Amsterdam – Netherlands

City Lighting Products

Equip Salon: Osaka – Japan

City Lighting Products

Happy Hair Salon & Hair Spa: Taichung – Taiwan


Design Room Hair Salon: Seoul – South Korea

City Lighting Products

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Wonderful store design can be found all over, but not every store utilizes lighting in smart ways. Here are five examples selected by City Lighting Products.
Chicago Blackhawks Flagship Store
City Lighting Products 1
To obtain a high-end look, the design team sourced materials that looked authentic, but would provide extended durability and fit into their limited budget – for example, the porcelain tile that forges the crisp white flooring that resembles the sport’s signature icy rink. Fixtures and sculptural elements, including an ice-skate chandelier, were custom made to create one-of-a-kind memorable features.
City Lighting Products 2
Translated as “the burning of Japanese cypress (sugi)” or yakisugi, and traditionally used in Japan as exterior siding, this ancient technique is gaining new life as a unique and modern interior and exterior wall cladding. The charcoal barrier created through this process preserves the wood, and is fire, rot and insect resistant. The burning process accentuates the wood grain and creates varying colors when viewed from different angles and in different light.
Euromar From the Future Showroom
City Lighting Products 3
In the showroom, training shoes and sports equipment, which were manufactured with injection technology, are on show. The place, looks like manufactured with injection mold pressing. In the manufacturing method of the place, pieces of furniture as if it were come together with manufactured in injection mold in order to generate the whole. The ceiling with oblique and circular form, which is focus on the middle of the ceiling, was generated with barrisol and led lighting systems.
Barçın Store
City Lighting Products 4
As being an essential part of the design concept, open ceiling system is used with a black paint. Lighting in the store is designed to be dimly lit yet product-oriented. General artificial lighting is track system and some decorative pendant lighting is chosen to create the aimed atmosphere. Concrete is the major flooring material through-out the store. With its plain and monolithic look, it helps display units and products to stand out. To soften the rawness of concrete flooring slightly, a double-smoked parquet is used at some spots in the store. Additionally, applied painted lines and writings on flooring refers to tartan tracks and help dynamize the overall scene.
Timberland Specialty Store
City Lighting Products 5
Timberland has planted roots in Philadelphia opening its newest location on Walnut Street this past October.  The new store brings to life the industrial heritage of the brand with its use of reclaimed and repurposed materials like factory windows, woods and metals. The original brick walls, steel beams and oversized skylight and repurposed tables/fixtures are all authentic details used to highlight the brands footwear, apparel and accessory collections for the season.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite New Lighting Fixtures By City Lighting Products

Here are a few of City Lighting Products favorite lighting fixtures for both home and commercial spaces.


Drop & Droplet Pendant Lights by Stuart Fingerhut

City Lighting Products
The Drop pendant features a double curved-surface arrangement which frames the bulb used for illumination. Drop features three sets of double-looped surfaces arranged around the center axis, while Droplet features five sets.

The Book Stork Lamp by Cristina Bulat

City Lighting Products
The Book Stork Lamp is the winning project of the Romanian design contest organized by ROD Cărturești, in the search for a fetish object created for avid readers.

Giffy 17,7” Table Lamp by Leanter

City Lighting Products
The design light project started from my own wish to get a desk lamp that I could use regularly and that would also truly stand out on my table. And because I also have always liked to create things I decided that I will create the lamp that I want.

Pendant Lamp Collection by Karman for Global Lighting

City Lighting Products
Global Lighting is introducing a new collection of lighting from manufacturing company Karman, that has been designed by a diverse group of Italian designers. Furthermore, each piece is fabricated in Fossombrone, Italy.

Oslo Wood Floor Lamp by Northern Lighting

City Lighting Products
With its sleek contemporary profile, streamlined tripod base and multi-directional shade, it’s easy to see why Oslo Wood has become Northern Lighting’s best-selling design so far. The shade is poised to project light upward, yet also diffuses it through the fabric to create a soft glow.
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Monday, October 26, 2015


S´ana Pharmacy by Marketing Jazz, Madrid – Spain

City Lighting Products
Integral design of a new branding concept in the pharmacy world. The brand  S´ana comes from Ana, the name of the owner of the pharmacy, and from the natural approach of the project ( sana means healthy). The project aims to transmit, as a main characteristic that makes this pharmacy different,  the love and care with which Ana serves her customers.

Pharmacy Marienthal by Atelier st, Zwickau – Germany

Natural tones in combination with spot and hidden lighting give this store a fresh and clean interior.

Farmacia Concept Store by Omid Ghannadi, Bucharest – Romania

City Lighting Products
This project focuses on the metamorphosis of an image, that of the modern, everyday drugstore, into a new, friendlier and warmer environment. The client is a company that owns a drugstore chain in Romania, and their wish was exactly thus: to redesign and reimage the pharmacy, transform the drugstore into a richer experience for the customer.

Menegaki Helen & Moisaki Lida Pharmacy by Lefteris Tsikandilakis, Heraklion – Greece

The sectors for promotion and presentation of the products, which are enhanced through hidden lighting that is indirect and placed behind each group of shelves so that it discretely illuminates the products thus promoting them, are organized based on the location of the entrances of the pharmacy, while the organized drug-preparation laboratory is articulated next to the staircase.

Pharmacy in Omori by MAMM Design, Tokyo – Japan

City Lighting Products
This dispensing pharmacy is facing a street on which some competing pharmacies are located. So it was also requested to create a distinguished facade rather than its interior design.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Unique Ways to Design a Hair Salon.

Just as there are multiple styles of hair, there are multiple styles of salons. From boutiques to high end luxury operations, each one can represents a certain style and brand recognition. Here are five salons from around the globe that do a good job of standing out from the crowd.

MOSS Salon by FAAB Architektura, Kraków – Poland

MOSS hair, nail and beauty salon is the compilation of two spaces, previously separated and located on the different levels. The lower level, accessible directly from the street, consists of main entrance/reception, hair salon and manicure/pedicure zone. The upper level, accessible via bespoke stairs, houses beauty salon/spa and relaxation zone.

Roji Salon by Craig Tan Architects, Canberra – Australia

Located in the celebrated NewActon Nishi development and affiliated with the award winning Hotel Hotel, this design attempts to celebrate the nature of the haircut ritual, and to heighten the revival of the senses.

Murdock Soho Salon by Erik Munro, London – UK

Murdock London, the British gentleman’s grooming brand, opens its new London flagship store this Autumn 2015 in the heart of the West End in Brewer Street, part of the popular shopping district of the Crown Estate’s Regent Street Quarter.

Hair Stylist Salon by STUDIO 06, San Maurizio – Italy

This project is a redesign of an existing hair salon. The project is characterized by a big open space. Some elements as bamboo or different false ceiling create different work spaces without divide the salon.

Black Beard Barbershop by B&V Studio, Moscow – Russia

The space of barbershop is open and separated on three zones: there are working area, chilling zone and stuff. Materials and elements of decor are unusual and unconventional for use in hairdressers at all. The accent is on untreated surface’s beauty, for example, rusty metal ceiling, factory floor tiles with texture concrete, unevenly painted walls with graffiti.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Wonderful Hotel Lighting Designs

Hotels literally come in all shapes and sizes. They each try to make their guests feel a specific way upon arrival, and lighting can help achieve the desired effect. Here are some of City Lighting Products favorite hotels designs.

Lima Duva Resort by IDIN Architects, Ko Samet – Thailand

Kameha Grand Zurich hotel by Marcel Wanders, Zurich – Switzerland

The Temple House Hotel by Make Architects, Chengdu – China

Candle 1978 Hotel by STUDIO AZELLIER, Seoul – South Korea

The Vendue Hotel by LS3P, Charleston – South Carolina

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The infrastructure of any city across the globe is an extremely important factor in safety and functionality. Citizens need to have safe roads, bridges, dams, and even street lights. Without them, our cities would have many issues that we see as formalities in our modern lives. However, what makes infrastructure and expensive and laborious task is the constant upkeep needed to prevent them from failing. While highways are of vital importance, streetlights are more of an annoyance to the average person.
However, these lights use a large amount of energy, and can be time consuming to replace as the burn out. That is why many cities are choosing to invest in LED lighting for their communities. “Currently, there are more than 2,000 LED and smart streetlight projects globally. By 2025, cities across the globe will invest $64 billion in LED lighting and ‘smart’ streetlights, with 84% of world’s streetlights converting into LEDs by 2025, and 37% networked, or ‘smart’.”
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