Thursday, February 25, 2016

Iconic Yet Subtle Restaurant Design & Lighting

Deep within Hong Kong lies Mak Mak, a restaurant that bears an unusual fa├žade. Set to look like a Thai grocery stall, local firm, NC Design & Architecture, managed to make this space look like it was straight from a film set.
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Gathering inspiration from wooden villas and shophouses that are typical in Southeast Asia, the company brought in classic design features and put their own twist on it.
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Inside the windowless restaurant, they had to tackle lighting creatively. By putting soft lighting behind rattan-covered walls, it created the affect of sunlight shining through. Fluorescent LED lighting tubes are also installed throughout.
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With a goal to transport visitors away from their normal lives, Mak Mak is certainly a sight to see!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

New Pharmaceutical Office Makes Wonderful Redesign

When pharmaceutical company Roche, based out of Auckland, New Zealand, decided it was time to revamp their office space, they made sure to keep their European roots in mind.
City Lighting Products
Interior design company STACK made sure to take full advantage of the building space Roche offered.
The architectural geometry of the reception desk, lighting and other furnishings is inspired by the chemical structure synonymous with Roche medical science. The coral inspired feature installation to the waiting area, utilizes the same geometry with a decidedly more organic appearance. This look really drives the aesthetic and feel of the workplace.
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Utilizing natural light and interesting and innovative fixtures, along with bold colors, really ties the final look of the office.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Latest and Greatest in Light Technology

With how fast technology is progressing, it’s easy to feel like you are light-years behind (pun intended). We want to make it easier for you to navigate your way around the newest lighting technology.

  1. Common Connectivity
Now that LEDs are a lighting norm, the future lies in lighting controls. Tech such as dimmers and sensors, have been around for what feels like forever, but the goal now is to make them sleeker and more sophisticated and making them connect seamlessly with other devices using new tools such as wireless lighting. This leads into our next topic…

Lighting Controls

  1. The Internet of “Things”
The internet of “things” is the term used to describe what happens when it’s no longer just computers and smartphones that are connected to the web, but to your everyday appliances and even your LED lights. Lighting is an ideal network for internet-of-things services to be built on, it’s already there in the ceiling of every building, just waiting to be utilized. You only have to add a few sensors or cameras and some kind of data connection.

The Internet of Things

  1. Light Source Regularity
Since LED light sources do not have to be replaced frequently, there has become a standard of building them into fittings, rather than designing a fitting around the ease of replacement. Many organizations have been aiming to create a universal standard to utilize integrated modules that will have an easier changing process.

Light Source

  1. New Power Technologies
“Drivers”, the component of LED lighting that converts the main electricity supply into a form of light to be used, are often the first piece of an LED lighting system to fail. New power technologies are now advancing quickly to aim to fix this problem. Companies such as Isotera sells a power system for lighting using a central hub, which has each fitting all connected directly to a bus cable.


  1. Influencing Our Daily Lives
Along with the rise of LEDs, came the rise of utilizing lighting adjustments to help influence how productive we are at work. These lighting adjustments can influence how well we learn to how quickly we get better after an illness.

Kelvin Chart

  1. Revolutionary Materials
Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura (pictured) has moved from blue to violet LEDs. Nakamura’s violet LEDs put the gallium nitride on a base of some more gallium nitride rather than sapphire – ‘GaN-on-GaN’ in technical jargon. Not only do they render colors better, they also open up the possibility for longer lives and greater efficiency. Also set to revolutionize the world of LEDs is wonder material du jour graphene, which its proponents would have you believe will be used in everything from phones to buildings to water filters.

Shuji Nakamura

  1. The Path to LED Quality
Now that people are utilizing LED lighting to enhance their buildings, they have a high focus on quality. This means they want their lighting to be stylish and help the “aura” of their location, while also being safe and environmentally friendly. It has been a long time coming, but the unknown frontier of LED lighting is a time of the past.

Coffee Shop LED

  1. LightYears and Beyond
Lighting isn’t just about light any more. It’s about data. Technologies such as Li-Fi (like Wi-Fi, using light) and indoor positioning (that tracks people’s position using LED luminaires and their smartphones) are both based on visible light communication. It’s set to transform our shops, museums and indoor spaces, and to turn the industry on its head as lighting products are used for completely new purposes.

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