Monday, August 7, 2017

Fixing LED Lighting Glares

Lights that produce a glare are quite irrigating. Whether you experience them at work, at the grocery store, or even at home, they cause distraction and discomfort to all. Most of the time, this is due to improper installation techniques for LED lighting. Designers and interior decorators face this problem often. They deal with the challenge of having enough light for illuminating an object or for reading, without producing any discomfort.

 Lighting designers explain that unless shielded, a light source will cause a glare.

The best lighting isn’t the source, but more of where the light is casted. Lighting designers explain that unless shielded, a light source will cause a glare. This is why spotlighting is so challenging for designers.

And even if you’re not a designer and run into these problems, we have some tip son how to cut down on glare if you run into a unshielded lighting fixture.

1.     Be mindful of the width of the beam angle. It shouldn’t be too wide, in order to control the light from hitting eyes directly. Instead, with a small width of beam, it will illuminate the object it is supposed to, and only that object.
2.     Choose a fixture and bulb that allows you to place the LED deep within it. This will keep the lighting from spilling out too much.
3.     If not able to find a deep fixture/bulb, you can put a tube on top of the fixture to create the same effect.
4.     Use a honeycombe louvre to hide the LED from the eye which prevents glare.
5.     Opt for smart LED lighting and controls to dim the lights when required.

Eliminate the glares which LED lights produce around your home and work space with these simple industry tricks.

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(Source: BizLED Magazine)