Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wood Ceilings and Lights: The Perfect Pair

Design trends in the workplace keep evolving with society’s preference to accumulate more clients. The trends now seem to be a minimalistic and lustrous aesthetic, but the challenge that many face is the space comes off as sterile and cold. To avoid this problem, many are opting for a design that uses wood ceilings to draw warmth and a sense of nature to their workplace. 

Many opt for the ceiling to be the highlighted art piece, while the rest of the space can remain fresh and hygienic looking. With this plan, lighting solutions must work within the precise confines of the wood without drawing unwanted attention. Concerns of glare and distracted lighting should always be considered, striving for a more “quiet” ceiling. Some experts believe that using install-from-below lighting products work best for this.

LED downlight that combines superior brightness control with energy savings and low maintenance costs are the best way to go when creating this kind of atmosphere. The result will be a lighting solution that accentuates the focal point of the room, while also providing illumination without overshadowing the ceiling.

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(Source: Hubbel Lighting)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Video Teleconference Quality Can Be Improved

Video Teleconferencing is a standard in every company. Businesses use it to connect with other co-workers, clients, and even as an alternative to the traditional face-to-face job interview. It's a pretty integral part of maintaining relationships within the company, which is why lighting designers and providers such as City Lighting Products know how important it is to have the best quality of lighting in your video teleconference space.

During a video conference, the computer camera doesn't "see" the way the human eye does, therefore producing saturated images or images that have shadows. This poor picture quality will be what the remote participants are seeing, which could hinderance you from doing things such as making a sale, engaging the audience in a particular training session, or even deter a qualified interviewee.

The perfect combination of strategically placed LED lighting fixtures not only improves vertical illumination, but also creates uniform lighting and enhances the ability to adjust contrast within the space. Some critical contrast areas include:

  • Participant to rear walls
  • Participant to side walls
  • Participant to work surface
  • Display wall to video display
Display of contrast areas needed for the perfect video teleconferencing lighting. Image from LEDs magazine.

Room color and color of furniture within the space also contribute to effective video teleconferencing room lighting. To ensure clarity for images, use LED fixtures with dimmable controls. 

The fact that these solutions can be easily implemented into any work space, as well as are cost effective and energy efficient through the use of LEDs, it's easy to experiment to get the perfect lighting into your video teleconferencing space. 

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Monday, November 7, 2016

City Lighting Products Showcase: PANDORA Times Square

A look inside PANDORA Jewelry, one of the world's largest jewelry brands, located in Times Square. City Lighting Products worked together with PANDORA to accurately execute dramatic and captivating lighting to help the store stand out in it's surroundings.