Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Wonderful store design can be found all over, but not every store utilizes lighting in smart ways. Here are five examples selected by City Lighting Products.
Chicago Blackhawks Flagship Store
City Lighting Products 1
To obtain a high-end look, the design team sourced materials that looked authentic, but would provide extended durability and fit into their limited budget – for example, the porcelain tile that forges the crisp white flooring that resembles the sport’s signature icy rink. Fixtures and sculptural elements, including an ice-skate chandelier, were custom made to create one-of-a-kind memorable features.
City Lighting Products 2
Translated as “the burning of Japanese cypress (sugi)” or yakisugi, and traditionally used in Japan as exterior siding, this ancient technique is gaining new life as a unique and modern interior and exterior wall cladding. The charcoal barrier created through this process preserves the wood, and is fire, rot and insect resistant. The burning process accentuates the wood grain and creates varying colors when viewed from different angles and in different light.
Euromar From the Future Showroom
City Lighting Products 3
In the showroom, training shoes and sports equipment, which were manufactured with injection technology, are on show. The place, looks like manufactured with injection mold pressing. In the manufacturing method of the place, pieces of furniture as if it were come together with manufactured in injection mold in order to generate the whole. The ceiling with oblique and circular form, which is focus on the middle of the ceiling, was generated with barrisol and led lighting systems.
Barçın Store
City Lighting Products 4
As being an essential part of the design concept, open ceiling system is used with a black paint. Lighting in the store is designed to be dimly lit yet product-oriented. General artificial lighting is track system and some decorative pendant lighting is chosen to create the aimed atmosphere. Concrete is the major flooring material through-out the store. With its plain and monolithic look, it helps display units and products to stand out. To soften the rawness of concrete flooring slightly, a double-smoked parquet is used at some spots in the store. Additionally, applied painted lines and writings on flooring refers to tartan tracks and help dynamize the overall scene.
Timberland Specialty Store
City Lighting Products 5
Timberland has planted roots in Philadelphia opening its newest location on Walnut Street this past October.  The new store brings to life the industrial heritage of the brand with its use of reclaimed and repurposed materials like factory windows, woods and metals. The original brick walls, steel beams and oversized skylight and repurposed tables/fixtures are all authentic details used to highlight the brands footwear, apparel and accessory collections for the season.
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