Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Future of Lighting – 2018 Market & Design Trend Predictions

2018 lighting future looks bright in trend predictions Lighting is a crucial component to life; whether personal or professional, adequate lighting has shifted from beneficial to essential.  

Significant changes have occurred just in the past ten years with the introduction of LED filaments and the development of violet LEDs. With many new developments on the horizon, the lighting innovation train doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

So, what is expected for the lighting industry in 2018?

2018 lighting marketing increases on all spectrumsAccording to a report from LEDinside, the LED market scale is expected to earn $32.72 billion in the upcoming year. In fact, the LED lighting penetration of the entire market is expected to grow from 22% to 63% by the year 2022.

Industrial, architectural, landscape, and commercial lighting all show signs of continuous improvements and progression in the market. Just in the last year, the stage lighting market brought in a total of $745 million and is predicted to continue that growth.

Yet with all these increases, the price of LED lighting options is actually predicted to decrease. More and more, individuals and businesses are realizing the benefits of LED: more efficient, higher color quality, longer lifespans, and easier to use. Because of this, LED products continuing to replace traditional lighting.

Large lighting companies are expected to launch stage lighting LED products with mono-color and multi-colored lights with high luminous intensity among other lighting advancements sometime within the next year.

With all the statistics aside, what design elements are going to be in high-demand this year?

Natural lighting seems to be the big trend for 2018. Fixtures with a nature-inspired, earthly feel will be largely sought after.
Natural lighting with nature-inspired, earthly feel is a 2018 lighting trend
In addition, gold or metallic fixtures with a vintage feel are also trending. Pendant lamps bring an industrial chic feel with a vintage edge. Either brushed or polished, a warm copper or rose gold color is predicted to fill homes and businesses alike.
Pendant lamps with a metallic, vintage edge is a 2018 lighting trend
Overall, we'd say the status of LED lighting in 2018 is looking pretty bright.

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