Friday, December 16, 2016

2017 Lighting Design Trends For Businesses

Lighting design trends continue to fluctuate frequently and changing even just one lighting fixture can change your entire space’s aesthetic. Industrial design, nature-inspired lighting, and geometric shapes await the lighting design industry in 2017. Check out what will be in.

1. Smart lightbulbs
Smart lightbulbs are the most important on this list, and arguably the most important invention to the lighting industry within the last decade. We’ve said it time and time again, invest in smart lightbulbs will save you money in the long run. From aesthetic purpose with their color-changing feature and even built-in speakers, to efficiency boosting with smart scheduling and automation from your mobile phone, this lightbulb is what you want when lighting your business.

2. Industrial modern fixtures
It’s true that in 2016, industrial-themed lighting and interior design was a huge trend. But don’t worry – the design community suggests this is a style that will be around for many more years to come. For the best industrial aesthetic, look for:
a.     A raw look – Metal fixtures are the way to go. It gives it a rustic addition to bring out the unfinished look. Antique bronze or brush nickel is the most popular.
b.     Monochromatic – Accent your lighting fixture with neutral-colored walls and concrete, wood, or steel statement pieces to perfectly incorporate your metal fixture.
c.     Modern furnishing – Rustic medal shelving or cabinets paired with modern furniture will combine all the elements together.

3. Oversized fixtures
Most of the time, fixtures are proportionately sized for the space. But new trend is going in the opposite direction. Accenting a room with an oversized feature can be applied to any space. Acting as a centerpiece, the big fixture is a statement pendant, bringing boldness to an otherwise dull room.

4. Nature-inspired
Organic-shaped fixtures soften rooms to create a natural accent. Since the Messe Frankfurt’s Light+Design show in March 2016, this trend has blown up and will continue to catch the public’s attention in 2017 as the hottest upcoming trend.

Lighting trends expand every year, and 2017 isn’t any different. Be sure you’re not left in the past this coming year.

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(Source: 12vMonster)